Groupe Morneau

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

At Groupe Morneau, we are driven by four values that bind us together: Respect, Excellence, Mutual aid and Accountability. These core values provide the foundation for how we think, operate and grow as a business, and reflect our commitment to our customers, people and partners.


Our values


Treating all our collaborators* fairly
Demonstrating trust, understanding, patience and tolerance
Adopting an attitude of partnership with our clients and suppliers


Constantly searching to completely satisfy our clients
Adapting to change
Perfecting our collaborators training
Recognizing performance and excellence

Mutual aid

Maintaining relationships and behaviours that promoting team spirit
Demonstrating empathy
Getting involved in social causes


Encouraging each collaborator's initiative and involvement with each collaborator
Acting in a disciplined manner at all times
Take charge of any event, regardless of its role or its established functions, when the situation requires it


« Our culture and values are at the heart of everything we do! »


- Micheline Morneau, Vice President, Groupe Morneau

Groupe Morneau uses the expression ''collaborator'' to designate its employees.

*Groupe Morneau uses the expression ''collaborator'' to designate its employees.