Groupe Morneau


Technology solutions that help move your goods faster


We use technology to automate the processing of order, billing and shipment tracking information for all our customers.

That way we can handle more pick-up orders and leverage the full potential of data, optimize data reliability and shipment planning, minimize the administrative burden and, most importantly, deliver your goods faster.

Our custom technologies are designed to let you:

  • Easily submit pick-up orders
  • Quickly access your documents
  • Instantly locate your goods in real time

With our solutions you can:

  • Enter your pick-up orders directly into our systems
  • Automatically receive all your transport documents
  • Import your shipping labels
  • See where your goods are located in real time
  • Manage your invoices electronically
  • Submit rate request in just a few clicks

Whether you want to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), access the Customer Zone and import tools, or receive email notifications, we have the right tool for your needs!

Contact us to find the right tool for you!