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Groupe Morneau unveils its new employer brand

An employee happily surprised to discover the new employer brand.
Montreal, October 9, 2020
Groupe Morneau unveils its new employer brand

Groupe Morneau is taking advantage of the national trucking week to unveil with great pride its brand new employer brand, Powered by humans, and at the same time launch its most recent recruitment platform:

At Groupe Morneau, we believe that each collaborator is a creator of wealth and that people are truly at the heart of our priorities. That is why we wanted to put our employees at the center of the campaign by making them the face of the company as true ambassadors and, at the same time, creating a great feeling of belonging to Groupe Morneau.

It is with a humorous touch, a lively image and sometimes surprising catchphrases that Groupe Morneau wishes to put ahead what life is as a driver, handler, mechanic or as an administrative collaborator. The campaign primarily wants to highlight the meaning of work by explaining that it is way more than just a list of tasks.

Although the company is growing and now reaches more than 1,200 employees, Groupe Morneau has always had an extremely human approach, a heritage borne by the nature of this family-owned business. Joining Groupe Morneau means joining a large family where each member is important and where the well-being of each employee is a priority.

Talent Attraction Challenges

The transportation industry is no exception to the labor shortage. Attracting new talents is therefore an everyday issue. “It was important to provide our talent attraction team with engaging tools and most importantly, to equip them with an inspiring speech. We also wanted to make the candidate experience more pleasant by adapting to new technologies.” explains Martine Bernier, Communication Consultant. By launching, it is now easier for candidates to better understand the essence of the business, but above all, to submit their applications quickly and easily.

The campaign will also be rolled out across all of Groupe Morneau’s social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Videos and testimonials showcasing Morneau’s culture and the benefits offered by the organization will be included in the content strategy.

New marketing tools will also be developed to support the various actions of the talent attraction team, particularly for their participation in career fairs.

“We want to build a company where all collaborators are proud to work so our customers can feel it. We are aiming for a place where “living together” is valued and where successes are part of everyday life”.

Sylvain Gagnon, Vice-president of Human Resources of Groupe Morneau