Disruptions in the distribution chain

In recent years, almost half of Canadian businesses have experienced disruptions in the distribution chain.1

Shortages of labour, raw materials and finished goods needed for the production and distribution of products have a direct impact on customers. Causing various supply and distribution problems, they affect the entire chain, all the way to the consumer.


Stock shortages
Production slowdown and shutdown
Soaring product and service costs

The Morneau solution

Make distribution chains more flexible

Long-standing partnerships

Being in business since 1942 comes with its advantages: We’ve been working with reliable people and companies for a long time. This means we can adapt to any situation and deliver the goods whenever you need them.

One of the most extensive transportation networks in Eastern Canada

Working with Morneau means benefiting from a network of 18 strategically positioned transshipment terminals in Québec, Ontario and Eastern Canada. We go everywhere so that you do not have to multiply your carriers and that you have control over your supply chain.

Delivering day in and day out

Deliveries that keep you on track with over 3,000 deliveries a day, we quickly adapt to changes in suppliers’ inventory so you receive your orders in full, exactly when you need them.

Solid supply chain management

Support from order taking to delivery. Our tools and teams can help you anticipate disruptions or delays, as well as consolidate orders and your important documents. We are part of the continuity of your supply chain thanks to our warehouses, our impressive fleet of trucks and our technologies.

The Morneau service

With Morneau Geo, your goods can travel across territory. We assure you of fast and consistent transit times and one of the largest freight transportation networks in Eastern Canada.
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