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To succeed in the transport business, you need an analytical mind that is ready to take on any challenge, a close-knit team, cutting-edge technology and the ability to work as a well-oiled machine. Morneau is more than just transportation. We offer customized freight and logistics solutions.
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Cutting-edge technology

Morneau is always looking ahead. Based on the principles of Enterprise 4.0, we are constantly evolving digitally and developing technologies that go far beyond shipping. In addition to providing real-time tracking across the entire distribution chain, our tools centralize information between the various stakeholders to optimize operations and streamline exchanges at every stage.

Client Portal

The Client Portal has everything you need. You can track your freight in real time and access your transport documents. From your shipment’s quote to its arrival time, this is where you will find all the information you’re looking for.

Electronic transmission of data

We can link your management systems to ours, and even to those of your suppliers, so that no information gets lost. That way, if anything does go wrong, you have a head start on solving any problems. It gives you an overview of what’s going on with your shipment, so you can better plan your next steps.

Continuous personalized monitoring

An alert service that works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. That’s what it means to be there for our clients. Stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening with your freight and receive order confirmations and weather warnings with our automated notification system.