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Major recognition campaign for frontline workers

A Groupe Morneau truck with a visual thanking frontline workers sits in a parking lot.
Montreal, May 14, 2020
Major recognition campaign for frontline workers

On May 13, Groupe Morneau put on the road a new specially designed trailer to thank all front-line workers.

Groupe Morneau has agreed to take part in this vast recognition campaign in collaboration with Turbo Image, a company specialized in fleet graphics.

It’s a great source of pride for our Group to participate in such a campaign. What could be better than a trailer to convey across Quebec a message of hope and above all sincere thanks to front line workers. Whether they are attendants, nurses or doctors, these people know how to make collective well-being their priority, a quality that is extremely important in these times of pandemic and uncertainty.

Front-line workers are also our collaborators and our own drivers who dedicate themselves day-in day-out to supply the Québec and Ontario regions. Our participation in this great recognition campaign was therefore more important for us to highlight the work of our team and thank our collaborators. They demonstration courage and dedication for which they deserve to be recognized.

So if you’re hitting the roads in Québec or Ontario in the next few weeks, watch for our trailer and have a little thought for all front line workers. Let us be proud of them and their contribution!