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Morneau Eskimo acquires Beacon Transit Lines

Toronto, Devember 19, 2019
Morneau Eskimo, a division of Groupe Morneau, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Toronto-based Beacon Transit Lines

Morneau Eskimo, a division of Groupe Morneau, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Toronto-based Beacon Transit Lines, which becomes Beacon Transport. This transaction is effective as of December 19, 2019.

“Beacon Transit Lines is a long-standing partner of Morneau Eskimo. Indeed, over the past 15 years, our two companies have collaborated extensively to offer food industry customers in the Greater Toronto Area a refrigerated transportation of their goods with the greatest respect for the cold chain. This transaction therefore represented a logical continuation of our operations.”

André Morneau, President of Groupe Morneau
An extended coverage

For Morneau Eskimo, the acquisition of Beacon Transit Lines significantly increases its presence in the Toronto and Ontario markets. Morneau Eskimo is consolidating its distribution network and strengthening its leadership position in the refrigerated transportation industry, particularly in the Toronto-Montréal transit sector.

“We can now offer a complete and continuous service, mainly to food companies, by transporting their goods from Windsor, Ontario to Gaspé in the eastern tip of Québec.”

David Morneau, Business development Director

Morneau Eskimo can now offer major food players an added value service, thanks to a turnkey solution that reduces the number of intermediaries.

In growth mode

Morneau Eskimo’s fleet has therefore increased from 80 to 140 trucks, and there are nearly a hundred collaborators joining its team. As a result of this transaction, Groupe Morneau now has nearly 1,200 collaborators on board, which strengthens its position as a major company since it is already ranked 143rd among the largest companies in Québec. Following last week’s announcement of the opening of a new Morneau Transport terminal in Lévis, on the South Shore of Québec City, this major transaction confirms that Groupe Morneau is continuing its operations in growth mode.

About Morneau Eskimo

An expert in cold logistics, Morneau Eskimo connects producers and consumers to handle the distribution of food products according to the highest standards of quality and respect for the cold chain. Today, the company has a well-established and extensive network that allows it to provide rapid transit service throughout Québec and Ontario as well as in part of the Atlantic provinces. Morneau Eskimo allows its customers to benefit from the best delivery times and state-of-the-art technologies.

About Groupe Morneau

Groupe Morneau has been travelling the roads of Québec for more than 77 years to deliver its customers’ goods. With a network of 21 terminals strategically covering Eastern Canada, the company has several complementary areas of expertise in transportation and logistics (general freight transportation, refrigerated transportation, dedicated transportation, open trailer transportation, international logistics and warehousing) that makes it able to manage its customers’ supply chain. Groupe Morneau is composed of Morneau Transport, Morneau Eskimo, Morneau Global, Morneau Entreposage and Total Cold Storage divisions.