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Morneau Eskimo to change its name

Morneau Eskimo to change its name
Montreal, March 29, 2021
Morneau Eskimo to change its name

The Morneau Group has always promoted values of respect at all levels. In order to reflect this value to its employees, clients, suppliers, but also to its community, Morneau Eskimo, a division of the Morneau Group, announces that it will soon change its name to no longer use this term for the refrigerated transportation division.

The management of the Morneau Group is very aware of the fact that this term has a pejorative connotation. The company is convinced that it is important to adapt to the social changes of recent years. The company's leaders also believe that an organization should not be named after a cultural community.

The reflection exercise surrounding this change has already begun and will continue in the coming months. It will also include the other two brands in our refrigerated chain: Total Refrigerated Storage and Beacon Transport.

About the Cold Chain

As an expert in cold chain logistics, the division acts as a link between producers and consumers to ensure that food products are distributed according to the highest standards of quality and respect for the cold chain. Today, the company benefits from a large and well-established network that allows it to provide rapid transportation services throughout Quebec and Ontario as well as in part of the Atlantic provinces. It allows its clients to benefit from the best delivery times and state-of-the-art technology.

About Groupe Morneau

Groupe Morneau has been travelling the roads of Quebec for more than 78 years to deliver its clients' goods to their destinations. With a network of 23 terminals strategically covering Eastern Canada, the company has a wide range of complementary expertise in transportation and logistics (general merchandise transportation, refrigerated transportation, dedicated transportation, open trailer transportation, international logistics and warehousing), enabling it to take charge of its clients' supply chain.