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Appointment of Yann Caron at BOREA Storage in Anjou

The Morneau group is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Yann Caron to the position of Warehouse Manager at BOREA Entreposage in Anjou. Yann brings extensive experience in warehouse management, with a focus on managing warehouses under controlled temperatures and remarkable expertise in implementing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). He has also demonstrated exceptional skills in managing logistics operations, significantly contributing to the operational efficiency of the companies he has worked for.

Prior to joining our team, Yann accumulated several years of experience in the storage industry, overseeing various projects related to storage, modernization, and WMS implementation. His strong background in warehouse management, coupled with his deep understanding of best practices in health and safety at work (OHS), makes him a valuable asset to our organization.

Yann officially started his role on October 10, 2023. We are confident that under his leadership, our team will continue to uphold operational excellence and the ongoing growth of BOREA Storage in the refrigerated storage industry. We look forward to working together to achieve new heights.