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Groupe Morneau acquires its first electric truck

Volvo's All-New 10-Wheel Electric Tractor from Groupe Morneau
Montreal, April 22, 2021
On this Earth Day, Groupe Morneau is extremely proud to announce the acquisition of an electric truck, a Volvo VNRE62T300. This purchase is in line with the company's vision of sustainable development and meets its values of social responsibility.

The Group will become the owner of the very first Volvo 10-wheel electric tractor sold in Canada, positioning itself as a true industry leader. "We are very pleased to participate in the development of initiatives aimed at reducing the climate impact of road transportation with the addition of an electric truck to our fleet for our local deliveries," explains Catherine Morneau, Vice President of Operations.

Electric trucks generate less noise and contribute to quieter cities. They do not produce harmful exhaust emissions and therefore contribute to improving air quality.

The truck will be based in Quebec City and is expected to be delivered in September 2021.