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Groupe Morneau participates in the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie

From June 8 to 11, the Groupe Morneau team successfully completed the 1000km Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.

The team was made up of five of our collaborators, from different terminals and divisions of the group:

  • Martin Laforest – GEO St-Bruno-du-Lac-St-Jean

  • Tommy Dumont – GEO St-Arsène

  • Denis Dumont – GEO Québec

  • Claude Nucci – BOREA Montréal

  • Yvan Leclerc – Groupe Morneau

They set off together from Saguenay, and then took it in turns to arrive in Montreal.

The team was accompanied by Michel Laforest, Martin's brother, not only as driver, but also as a worthy moral supporter of the troops.

It was an extraordinary weekend, during which each of our collaborators was able to rise to his or her own personal challenge, combined with an incredible team spirit.

To top it all off, we're also delighted to announce that the team succeeded in raising $2,800, which will be donated to École du Sommet de Laval.

About the 1000km Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.

The 1000 KM is one of those grandiose events that captures the imagination and inspires cyclists to surpass themselves. It's not just a physical challenge! Cyclists also act as ambassadors for healthy lifestyle habits in their surroundings and among the young people in the schools they sponsor. Every year, the 1000 KM teams raise millions of dollars to fund projects promoting physical activity and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits in Quebec elementary school.