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Groupe Morneau’s Next Generation

David Morneau (left), accompanied by his sister, Catherine Morneau (right)
Montreal, December 1st, 2021

Groupe Morneau enthusiastically announces the appointments of David Morneau as Vice-President, Operations and Catherine Morneau as Executive Vice-President and General Manager.

With these appointments, the company is taking another step forward in its generational transfer process. David and Catherine Morneau, both from the fourth generation, have made their mark within the company for over 15 years. Today, they take on additional responsibilities and are proud to continue the family entrepreneurial adventure and contribute to the growth of Groupe Morneau.

David Morneau, Vice-President, Operations
Over the past few years, David has devoted himself to strengthening Groupe Morneau’s positioning, more specifically in Toronto, where he led the acquisitions of Beacon Transit Line (2019) and General Cartage (2021), which the Groupe made in Ontario. He has developed strong strategic alliances in our industry as well as with important clients. He is a tactical leader with extensive experience in transportation. His background makes him a valuable ally in ensuring the healthy growth of the organization by being responsible for consolidating and integrating new acquisitions.

He is recognized for his great involvement in the community, notably as Director of the Board of Directors of the Association du camionnage du Québec (ACQ) and President of the Foundation for ACQ road transport training since 2015.

As Vice-President of Operations, and along with his teams, his mandate will be to ensure the strategic positioning of each of the Groupe’s departments (transport, warehousing and logistics) and to ensure that our high standards of service quality are maintained.

Catherine Morneau, Executive Vice-President and General Manager
In a sector as competitive as transport, Catherine has been a driver of positive change, thanks to the strategic choices she made with the operational and service teams. She has infused an innovative, people-centered approach. The company is delighted to be able to count on her leadership. She will continue to be a source of motivation for all Groupe employees, as she always has.

Catherine will be responsible for bringing the teams together towards achieving strategic directions and carrying out large-scale projects. She will promote the Morneau culture by continuing the shift to corporate responsibility already initiated by President André Morneau. She will also be in charge of governance, corporate affairs as well as the shared services team (IT, human resources, project office, legal affairs, compliance, buildings and finance) whose mandate is to support good development.

Sustainability and Business Continuity
These two appointments clearly reflect the direction in which the organization is committed to better meet the requirements of its customers and ensure better performance and operational efficiency. Each of them will play a decisive role in ensuring the success and sustainability of Groupe Morneau. They are combining their strengths to lead better.
André Morneau remains Groupe Chairman. He will act as a strategic advisor and mentor to them and their teams.

“I’m handing over the reins to them with great confidence and wish them the best in the coming years.”

André Morneau, Groupe Morneau's president