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Groupe Morneau Transitions to 4th Generation

A Historic Transition: Welcoming the Fourth Generation

It is with the utmost delight that Groupe Morneau announces its transition to the fourth generation in the presidency, thereby marking an important milestone in its history. This transition was celebrated on January 23 with a ceremony held in Saint-Arsène, the emblematic location where it all began for the company.

Founded several decades ago, Groupe Morneau has grown remarkably to become an undisputed leader in the transport and logistics industry. The company now employs 1,500 people across 23 terminals in three Canadian provinces: Quebec, Ontario and Labrador. Operating from four administrative centres in Saint-Arsène, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto, Groupe Morneau is a model of success and innovation.

Under the leadership of André Morneau, President since 1988, the group has experienced phenomenal growth and has diversified its activities. André Morneau, while passing on the presidency, will continue to play a vital role as Chairman of the Board, thereby ensuring the continuity of the company's values.

Catherine and David Morneau, representatives of the new generation, will now assume the co-presidency in a constant spirit of continuity and innovation. With this decision, the company enters into a new chapter in its history, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving the key principles that have contributed to Morneau's success.

Boasting three business units - GEO, BOREA and GLOBAL - the Group continues to expand in the industry, focusing on innovation, service excellence and a profound commitment to its employees and customers.

This significant milestone is testimony to Groupe Morneau's ability to both adapt and prosper. At the same time, it reflects the company's determination to pursue its expansion, while remaining rooted in its core values and origins