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Groupe Morneau Changes its Brand Image

A truck from the Groupe Morneau's fleet
Saint-Arsène, September 7, 2022

Groupe Morneau is proud to announce its new brand image, a change which coincides with the take over of the business by the next generation.

More than just a change of logo, Groupe Morneau's new brand image is modernized and symbolizes a further step forward, crystallizing its business vision. A vision clearly demonstrating the company's eagerness to evolve, and reflected in its acquisitions over the past few years and the take over by the fourth generation. In this way, Groupe Morneau takes on a fresh new look, thereby emphasizing and realizing their new ambitions, while shaping the future of road transport and continuing the company's family legacy. 

Consolidating of Services

A new brand architecture was developed with a view to simplifying structure and providing an improved overview of our service offer. The individual company's of the Groupe were merged into 3 distinct services : General transport LTL and TL; refrigerated transport and storage; and logistics and brokerage. This will allow the Groupe to strengthen its visibility and to pursue market expansion in Eastern Canada. Cohesion throughout our different divisions following acquisitions will thus be created.

 "We know only too well that the transportation industry is changing, the world is changing. With this new image, we wish to demonstrate that we have the courage and the energy to renew ourselves, to make Morneau a symbol of permanence and hope within the industry. We invite all of our collaborators who are passionate about transportation to join us in continuing to innovate and to journey on together. Our message is clear, Groupe Morneau has a vision for the future and you can count on our team to propel your businesses to the highest summits."

Catherine Morneau, Executive Vice-President and General Director
A New Logo for the Groupe

Groupe Morneau's brand logo, consisting of three bands, represents the shape of trucks as seen from above, creating the letter M, a powerful and unwavering symbol, illustrating the heart of our business. These three brands illustrate all the roads taken by Morneau to cover territories and reach communities.

Morneau Geo

Groupe Morneau's image is not the only thing that is evolving, as the company has also opted for change in the designation of its various services. Morneau Geo now groups together all general merchandise LTL and TL transport services, formerly Morneau Transport and General Cartage. Why Geo? This prefix means "Earth”; however, it is also an abbreviation of the word geography, bringing together both the physical and the human realities of a region. It is meant to represent the road, the landscapes travelled and of course Morneau's vast network, stretching from Ontario to Labrador.

Grouped together

Morneau Borea

The Groupe's refrigerated division becomes Morneau Borea. It groups together Eskimo, Beacon and Entrepôts Frigorifiques Total (TCS). The name Borea finds its inspiration in Boreas, Greek gods of the north wind, further inspiration was drawn from the word Boréal, conjuring up the idea of cold. The goal of this new name is also to provide a better representation of the nature of the activities of each division, which includes temperature-controlled transport, as well as cold storage. You may remember that the Groupe had already announced in March 2021 that the Eskimo division would change its name out of respect for aboriginal communities.

A 360° Service Offer

By thus joining together all of its services having similar operations under new banners, Groupe Morneau can better steer its clients towards the service or services they actually require. Furthermore, it is important to mention that the Morneau Global division, that maintains its name, remains complementary to the expertise of two previous divisions by offering services facilitating and optimizing the movement of goods from our North American clients by taking responsibility for transport and logistics activities.

"The change in brand image forms part of an effort to simplify our structure and provide a better overview of our expertise, in addition to providing better cohesion throughout our different divisions, especially following acquisitions. Obviously, we feel that by updating our brand image we are also contributing to strengthening our visibility and developing our market in Eastern Canada".

David Morneau, Executive Vice President - Operations
New Web Site

Groupe Morneau would also like to take the opportunity provided by the unveiling of its new image to rejuvenate its web site. The site has been completely revamped and redesigned, thus reflecting the vibrancy of the new brand image, and significantly improving user experience. The addition of new features, simplified browsing and updated contents are sure to optimize the user experience.

The Agency Behind the Change

This superb change in brand image was made possible thanks to the creative genius of the lg2 agency. They managed to keep our legacy intact, ensure continuity and add fresh perspective, by simplifying our service offer and harmonizing and clarifying our image. We sincerely wish to thank them.

About Groupe Morneau

Groupe Morneau has been travelling Quebec roads for 80 years, making sure goods are delivered to their clients. Equipped with a network of 23 terminals, strategically covering Eastern Canada, the Company also has amongst its assets, a variety of complementary transport and logistics expertise, equipping them to take charge of their clients' supply chain. Groupe Morneau consists of the following divisions : Morneau Geo, Morneau Borea and Morneau Global. For more information visit

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